A Dream Come True
Season One, Episode 117b
Air date Mar/13/2005
Written by Bruce Robb
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"A Dream Come True" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


On Earth, Betty's favorite musical artist, "Missy Miss" is coming to town, and everyone in school wants to go. In space, Betty, Sparky, and X-5 fall under the spell of Maximus' Dream-Invader, his latest invention, with which he can enter peoples dreams and even manipulate them. With this device, he hopes to uncover the secret location of Betty's home planet.


  • BETTY: Aaaah! Ooh, I hope that call isn't for me!


  • MAXIMUS: Time for Betty-byes!


  • GOOD MINIMUS: Ooh, I'm so hungry! I sure could use some Sincorvian slugworms right now. Should I wake up the boss? Ooh, he's so grouchy when he wakes up!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Hmph! He's always grouchy!


  • MAXIMUS: Fool! You pulled me out of my Dream Invader because you're HUNGRY!? I was about to find out where Atomic Betty's home planet is!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: But--but what if you don't ever find out? Or if it takes forever?
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Like after dinner!


  • MAXIMUS: Now, turn my Dream Invader back on! AND TAKE OFF THAT WIG!!


  • MINIMUS: This is definitely you. Very quadrangle.


  • EVIL MINIMUS: Now! Into the cage!
  • SPARKY: What cage?
  • (Cage falls down.)
  • SPARKY: Well! He can just forget about his tip!


  • BETTY: It's a ticket to the Missy Miss concert! YES!
  • NOAH: Cool! It's like a dream come true!
  • BETTY: Well, not exactly. (winks)

Full Summary

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  • For some reason, Admiral DeGill does not appear in this episode.
  • The song playing on the radio and later when Betty awakes to dance to her tune and defeat Minimus, and the song briefly heard at the end of the episode is called "That's What I Do".
  • The title card is similar to that of the part of the Atomic Betty (pilot) when she is asleep before awakening.
  • On the newly HD remastered version, the sounds to Betty's dance moves (such as the cartoon boing, ricochet, hand clap, etc.) are added throughout the sequence.



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