Atomic Roger
Season One, Episode 105b
Air date Oct/3/2004
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"Atomic Roger" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


After Betty gets an embarrassing haircut from her mom, she gets called on a mission to stop Maximus from stealing the galaxy's gold resources to build a golden statue of himself. Although a new Galactic Guardian, Atomic Roger, keeps arriving and saving the day before she can and stealing all the glory. Will Betty lose the title of the Galaxy's greatest Galactic Guardian to Atomic Roger?

Full Summary

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  • MAXIMUS: How much longer is this going to take?
  • GOOD MINIMUS: I'm trying to capture your good side, sir.
  • EVIL MINIMUS: It's not so easy!
  • MAXIMUS: Show me what you've done.
  • GOOD MINIMUS: I think it's quite a good likeness myself.
  • MAXIMUS: I want more than just a FOOT! I want a giant gold statue a hundred feet high, proclaiming my evil glory to all the galaxy!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: But we've only stolen enough gold for the foot. And one ear.
  • MAXIMUS: Then steal more GOLD!


  • SPARKY: This is it! Maximus's robots are robbing the gold mines of Abraxax Four!
  • BETTY: X-5, get us into hyperspace! And both of you stop looking at my hair!


  • ROGER: Listen, Kitty--
  • BETTY: It's Betty.
  • ROGER: Right. Cathy, it's been a thrill chatting with you, but I really have to go now.
  • (He gives her a card.)
  • ROGER: Here. My hairstylist. You need to call her right away.


  • BETTY: I hope no one is looking at my hair.
  • (Sparky and X-5 look away, whistling.)


  • MAXIMUS: Who is this new Guardian who foiled my plans!?
  • MINIMUS: Oh. Atomic Roger, sir. He's running everything! Though he does have fantastic hair.
  • MAXIMUS: Huh? Who cares about his hair!? Behold! Let's see this Atomic Roger stop my new army of gold-pilfering robots! Fly, my pretties, fly!


  • BETTY: This is getting ridiculous! How am I supposed to save the day if he's always getting here first!?
  • SPARKY: I'm telling you, it's the hair.


  • MAXIMUS: Ugh. That girl is bad enough. But that ROGER!?
  • GOOD MINIMUS: Ooh, isn't he dreamy?
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Gah! I mean, what a jerk!


  • MAXIMUS: Look at the fool! No one dares to stop me!
  • BETTY: Come on, boys! I'm not afraid to get a little dirty!
  • MAXIMUS: With that hair, I'm not surprised.


  • First appearance of Atomic Roger



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