Attack of the Evil Baby
Season One, Episode 101b
Air date Aug/29/2004 (sneak peak)
Sep/5/2004 (premiere)
Written by Jackie May
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"Attack of the Evil Baby" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty's fearful trip to the dentist to deal with a cavity is interrupted when she is called off to save the galaxy from the evil alien baby Infantor, who is draining magma from planets as material used to mold and create action figures.


Betty has got cavity and is does not want so willingly to go to the dentist. Her mother, Tanya, does not take attention to her excuses and they end up at the dentist anyway.

Just as the nurse left, Betty's bracelet receives a message from Admiral DeGill. He reveals that Infantor, intergalactic villain (who is merely an infant-like being) assaults the galaxy. He expresses his wrath on the galaxy of Colorosia (which is, besides, the most vibrant one in the entire Universe) by extracting the multi-colored magma from its planets' mantle layers. Then she gets teleported to her star cruiser. In the meantime, nurse finds out that Betty is missing. Tanya is displeased.

Using the hyper-speed, the team manages to arrive to the galaxy of Colorosia and they find out that several planets have been ruptured and had their multi-colored magma layers extracted. At this moment, the star cruiser is passed by a large spacecraft (looking like trolley for infants) that Infantor controls. The spacecraft approaches another planet and begins to drill its surface. However, Infantor was not unprepared: the space rattles weapon was released. With several maneuver moves, Sparky evaded almost every rattle - the remaining one (in fact very small) hit the cruiser, losing their navigation and being quickly pulled towards the gravitational field of Infantor's spacecraft. They immediately get caught, and Betty remarks that it's at least better than being at the dentist. On Earth, Tanya is more than disappointed with Betty's disappearance while nurse tries to calm her down.

At Infantor's, the team finds out that the evil baby alien makes himself "Termi-Nannies", robotic nannies. He also reveals that he used multi-colored magma to punish his five previous nannies and orders for team to be dipped in magma. Now, Betty finds this far worse than the tooth filling. However, while the cage got lowered, she used her bracelet to fire a rope and retracted it, causing the cage to reach its oscillatory amplitude. Then, she released the rope, causing the chain to let the cage go right into Infantor and nanny.

Nanny and Infantor recover and Betty confronts the nanny herself. Soon after, X-5 finds himself being pursued by Infantor in his personal vehicle. However, Betty used her bracelet gadget, the Heat-Seeking Missile, to plug vehicle's exhaust pipe and blowing the vehicle up in the process. Infantor begins to cry and declares that he begins to dislike Atomic Betty. Meanwhile, Termi-Nanny chases Sparky across the spacecraft. In the petrified nannies room, she misses a hit, causing one of the nannies' solid magma envelope to break and reveal a mechanic template for nanny. Nanny kept missing the hits, causing every last one of the nannies to be released.

Nanny kept following Sparky to the conveyor belt above magma cauldrons. Infantor then opens the conveyor hole, causing nanny to fall in the cauldron, but Sparky got saved by Betty who swung on the trapese from her belt. Infantor, in horror, quickly leaves the control pad once nanny fell in magma, saying he "started something he does not want to finish it." However, X-5, under Betty's order, retracts the magma flowing system, releasing last Termi-Nanny's mechanic envelope. Then all of the nannies, now robotic templates, approach him, with his wails not being enough to stop them from beating him up. Then, Sparky and X-5 head back to the Earth and drop Betty off at the dentist.

Tanya does not receive an explanation where Betty was. When nurse prepares Betty for a cavity deal, she (Betty) makes a remark on how there is worse things than the dentist.

Full Summary

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  • TANYA: You tell them to floss, you tell them to brush!
  • DENTIST: And then they complain when you have to get a very big needle!
  • BETTY: I feel like I'm in the electric chair......


  • TANYA: If I've told her once, I've told her a thousand times! Disappearing is not what ladies do! That girl seems to live on another planet!


  • SPARKY: Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
  • X-5: As unlikely as that seems....


  • INFANTOR: I'm beginning to dislike that girl!


  • INFANTOR: I'm beginning to dislike all o' them!




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