Auntie Matter
Season Two, Episode 203a
Air date Nov/04/2005
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"Auntie Matter" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


While at a visit to Granny's farm, Betty is called away on a mission and discovers that the villain--a woman who has the power to transform herself into a black hole--is actually her great aunt! She's back to get Betty's grandma for imprisoning her in the first place, and nothing can stop her. It's up to Granny to save the day in a very unusual way.


  • BETTY: What's in here, glue?
  • X-5: This is no ordinary villain, captain. She possesses the power to transmute her body into a black hole.
  • SPARKY: Well, you know what they say! There's a sucker born every minute! Get it!?


  • SPARKY: It's so terrible when sisters fight!


  • X-5: Charming woman.
  • SPARKY: Yeah, she's really absorbing.
  • X-5: Thank you. I believe we've had enough of your black hole jokes.
  • SPARKY: She must've found this place a little hand to swallow.
  • X-5: Please stop. It's not funny.


  • MATTER: Well, if it isn't the great Beatrixo. You don't look so great now.
  • BEATRIXO: Hello, baby sister. How are ya?
  • MATTER: How do you think I am!? You left me to rot in the Forbidden Zone!
  • BEATRIXO: Mother always said you had a temper.
  • MATTER: I DO NOT! Prepare to be annihilated!
  • BEATRIXO: Oh, pish posh. I think I'll make a prairie dog pie. Who wants it extra sticky?
  • SPARKY & X-5: Oh, me! Me! Me! Over here! Pick me!
  • MATTER: Don't you bake when I'm threatening you!


  • MATTER: I'm gonna tell Mother what you did to me!
  • BEATRIXO: You were always such a tattle-tale!
  • MATTER: You stole my boyfriend!
  • BEATRIXO: I did not, you sucked him into the next galaxy! She lost more boyfriends that way.


  • SPARKY: This really sucks! Ha ha! Get it!?
  • X-5: Yes. As unamusing as always.


  • BEATRIXO: Let that be a lesson to ya! Nobody likes a pie hog!
  • SPARKY: Yeah! Stick around! Get a grip, will ya? This is a stick-up! Ha ha ha!

Full Summary

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  • First appearance of Auntie Matter 
  • This episode reveals that Betty has an aunt.
  • Her name is a pun on the word "anti-matter".



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