Battle of the Bots
Season One, Episode 10b
Air date Nov/7/2004
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Ridd Sorenson
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"Battle of the Bots" is a season one episode of Atomic Betty.


Spoiled, selfish Empress Narcissitad is kidnapped by Maximus and held prisoner on the computer junkyard planet of Crushton (home to X-5's uncle, B-1). Betty must rescue the Empress and perhaps learn a lesson about not being so selfish, which would serve her well as she plays in her basketball team's championship game.


  • SPARKY: So we're going to save an empress! What's she like? Totally regal?
  • BETTY: This is a mission, Sparky, not a blind date.


  • NOAH: I think we need the ball-hog.


  • X-5: If robots had nightmares, this would be a reasonable facsimile.


  • EMPRESS NARCISSITAD: Excuse me? Are you my royal rescuers?
  • SPARKY: Yes, your regal empressness! We are here to save you!
  • EMPRESS NARCISSITAD: Well it's about time!
  • OTHERS: Huh?
  • EMPRESS NARCISSITAD: How long did you expect me to stay on this planet overrun by robots!? You, there! Short ugly one. Can you tell the hardware to keep their distance!? Robots make me sneeze. Ah....ah....atchoo! Well don't just stand there! Who's going to rescue the empress!?
  • SPARKY & X-5: You do it.


  • EMPRESS NARCISSITAD: I would rather be kidnapped by you than stay here with them!
  • SPARKY: She'd rather go with Maximus than us! It's hard not to be insulted!
  • BETTY: I think Maximus is the one who'll need rescuing now.
  • B-1: Well, looky here.
  • BETTY READS: Dear Maximus, with regards to the ransom for the return of our can keep her! Ha ha ha ha ha!


  • EMPRESS NARCISSITAD: I mean, really! It's one thing to be kidnapped by such vile, nefarious, lower-class aliens as yourself......but to be rescued by ROBOTS!? Never! An empress has her standards!
  • MAXIMUS: Hail that Narcissitad spaceship! I'm going to make them take her back if I have to PAY THEM!! Find my earplugs!


  • First appearances of Empress Narcissitad and B-1



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