Betty Barrett
Betty Barrett
Name Betty Barrett
Nickname Atomic Betty
Title Galactic Guardian
Age 12-13
Gender Female
Race Canadian
Home world Earth
Affiliations Galactic Guardians
Relatives Quincy Barrett (father)
Tanya Barrett (mother)
Beatrixo (grandmother)
Matter (great-aunt)
Elizabeth "Betty" Barrett (also known as Atomic Betty) is the show's main protagonist (voiced by actress and singer Tajja Isen).

On her home planet Earth, and most of her friends and family in her hometown of Moose Jaw Heights, young Betty Barrett is an average yet cute and tomboyishly beautiful adolescent 7th-grader middle school student who is highly athletic and loves every single sport that she tries, especially ice hockey. She even enjoys singing in her band.


She enjoys visiting her grandmother Bea on her farm, which is located outside of Moose Jaw Heights, singing with her friends in her band, goofing off, hanging out with her best friends and daydreaming about living in outer space. She is not afraid to speak her mind on any subject, and she dislikes all forms of bullying, snobbery and injustice.


However, when there is trouble in outer space, she is called on by her friend and her commanding officer, Admiral DeGill, and along with her crew, is the captain of her own Starcruiser under her secret identity of Atomic Betty, who is revered throughout the galaxy as a well-known and quite famous Galactic Guardian and Defender of the Cosmos.

When in outer space, she and her crew, a food-loving, green-skinned alien pilot named Sparky and her robotic navigator and second-in-command named X-5, investigate various intergalactic crimes and fights evil supervillains. An expert hand-to-hand fighter, kickboxer, an expert in karate, she can easily defend herself against most opponents, but is also equipped with a special Galactic Guardian issued utility bracelet, which houses various technological devices, such as a holographic communicator she uses to speak to Admiral DeGill, her commanding officer and her crew, and remote controls for her starcruiser and its teleporter, as well as an array of gadgetry and weaponry to use on her missions.


In the first season of Atomic Betty, Betty at first thought that she was the only human ever to be chosen to be a Galactic Guardian, until she discovered her grandmother was a retired Galactic Guardian named Beatrixo, and also one of the first Galactic Guardians.

Betty has red hair, usually worn in a ponytail, and emerald green eyes. When she is on Earth, she wears her usual outfit, which consists of her green headband, yellow sweater, green knee-length short skirt, white knee-high length socks, and black-and-white athletic sneakers.

When on a mission for action, she wears her standard Galactic Guardian uniform, which consists of her white headdress, pink dress, white gloves, pink bracelet, white belt with a nuclear symbol, and white thigh-high boots. She also wears red lipstick.


Betty is a very smart, cute, friendly, funny, strong-willed, tough, charming and very independent young girl with highly eccentric interests, and is not afraid to speak her mind on any subject. Despite her cuteness and kindness, she also has a bit of a temper, and can get easily irriated, most often by her rival Penelope Lang.

On Earth, she likes playing pranks, listening to music, reading her sci-fi comics, popping an Ollie on her skateboard, hanging with her best friends Noah and Paloma, or daydreaming about her crush, Dylan.

In space, she loves protecting the galaxy with her crew, flying in her starcruiser and karate-chopping treacherous galactic supervillains. In the episode Attack Of The Evil Baby, Betty was scared to get her tooth out when she went to the dentist with her mother.


Betty has no known superpowers, but she is exceptionally strong and agile for a girl despite her beauty. She is an impressively tough fighter and has a good knowledge of galactic combat techniques, as she's been seen being able to take down much larger alien opponents with one punch or kick. She is also a very capable Galactic Guardian captain and a very good leader, though at times she can be a bit bossy to her crew, and has shown exceptional prowess in sports, including both skateboarding and surfing.

She is shown to have some slight mystical abilities in the episode Spindly Tam Kanushu, where she uses a special meditation technique to locate the exact planet that her alien martial arts master, Spindly Tam Kanushu, has been taken to by Maximus.



"Atomic Betty reporting for duty!"
―Multiple episodes
"Hoo-ah, hya! Hi-yah! Hya, hah! Hoo-ah!"
―Multiple episodes
"By order of the Galactic Guardians, I place you all under arrest!"
Furball For The Sneeze
"Happened to be in the neighbourhood. Thought I'd stop by and see your plans."
―To Maximus, Furball For The Sneeze
"I feel like I'm in the electric chair."
Attack of the Evil Baby
"Hand over the vial, you cunning criminal!"
Maximus Displeasure
"Your evil plan's been foiled again, Maximus!"
―Maximus Displeasure
"Sniff your cake or preserve my dignity? Hmmm.....I'll have to think about that."
Cosmic Cake
"What in the cosmos is that?!"
Toxic Talent
"Sparky, you're gonna be fine. Where's your sense of adventure?"
―To Sparky, Toxic Talent
"This is it, guys. Stand your ground and remember, you'll always be the best friends and crew a commander could ever ask for."
―To Sparky and X-5, Spindly Tam Kanushu
"I'm humbled by his infinite wisdom."
―About Spindly Tam Kanushu, Spindly Tam Kanushu
"I should make him a part of my next science project."
―About Maximus, Science Fair
"X-5, get us into hyperspace. And both of you, stop looking at my hair!"
Atomic Roger (episode)
"I hope no one is looking at my hair."
―Atomic Roger (episode)
"Come on, boys! I'm not afraid to get a little dirty!"
―Atomic Roger (episode)
"Can you make it quick? I have a running race to finish."
Self Sabotage
"Compliments of the Galactic Guardians."
When Worlds Collide
"There once was this Galactic Guardian named Atomic.......Betsy."
The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia
"Your omelette-making scheme's been scrambled, Maximus!"
Poached Egg
"I think Maximus is the one who'll need rescuing now."
Battle of the Bots
"Excuse me. I have to go ignore you somewhere else!"
―To Penelope, Betty's Secret Admirer
"What are the odds?"
Slime of the Century and Once Bitten, Twice Slimed
"Who's apologizing?"
The Really Big Game
"The Admiral is a professional colleague!"
―To Pontifidora, The Really Big Game
"Really? I've seen ravaging Linguistal Senterians from the Brama Nexus."
Power Arrangers
"These two villains will be sleeping for a long time."
―About Maximus and Minimus, A Dream Come True
"What's the matter, Penelope? Lose your glasses?"
No Business Like Snow Business
"Sparky, X-5 and I are all Galactic Guardians. We'll join the circus as performers and guard the gemstones undercover."
Big Top Betty
"If you're so smart, why is there gum stuck to your dome?"
―To Dr. Cerebral, Dr. Cerebral and the Stupifactor Ray
"You are all under arrest! I order you to surrender! And make it fast, I have a party waiting!"
Evil Idol
"So it's true! You're a Galactic Guardian too!"
―To Beatrixo, Evil Idol
"'Twas nothing that could come between the star-crossed lovers' dance, as when Alpha and Centauri fell onto each other's trance. Come between the stars...that's it!"
Bracelet Yourself
"She's a queen alright. A royal pain."
―About Penelope, Pre-Teen Queen of Outer Space
"A whole army against one? It doesn't seem fair! To the army!"
Werewolves on Zeebot
"Sleeping like a baby."
Sleeping Like a Baby
"I'd rather go to the dentist! Drilling is so much more fun than you!"
―To Penelope, Hi-Jinxed
"I really like your hair!"
―To Robo-Betty, Robo-Betty (episode)
"I challenge your cheerleaders to a cheer-off!"
The Cheerleaders of Doom
"Actually, I think a little gardening might be fun right about now."
The Minion
―Multiple times, The Gazundheit Factor
"We need to get X-5. He can reformulate the engines and make us move faster. And the faster we stop Maximus, the faster I can go home for some peace and quiet!"
The No-L 9 (episode)
"I know I was a bit grouchy before. I'm sorry. I don't care how crowded it's been. I'm glad we were all together. Thanks."
―The No-L 9
"Guess you could call him "Minimus Hyde"."
―About Minimus, The Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde
"Every life is valuable. Even a Supreme Evil Overlord's."
―The Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde
"Sparky, it's time to get baking!"
Galactic Guardians No More!
"Now that's what I call poetic justice!"
Scribe 2: The Re-Scribing
"You've got three seconds to explain yourself, Juanita. Or...whoever you are."
Takes One to Know One
"This threat is too big. We need to pool our resources."
―Takes One to Know One
"You can't win 'em all."
―Takes One to Know One



  • Betty is not a very good detective because she saw some clues of her grandmother Beatrixo being a Galactic Guardian and her friend Paloma is an alien, but she dismissed them due to the fact that most people on Earth don't believe aliens are real.
  • On season 1, they hear Betty's "childish" voice throughout, while spoken. When Tajja turned 13, she provided her voicing role of the show's main character, but also sang numerous tunes in voice recording.

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