Bold Age
Season Three, Episode 16a
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Air date Jan/09/2008
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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"Bold Age" is a season three episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty is called to duty at the local retirement home, where Max Sr. Sr. has just moved in - and he's no ordinary old geezer. Max Sr. Sr. enacts a diabolical plan to steal youth from the citizens of Moosejaw Heights in order to sell to the elderly (and to use on himself). Also on the scene are Chaz and Penelope, who are visiting their grandmother (a 75 year old version of Penelope), and things go a little nuts when they both have the youth sucked out of them, along with Sparky! Atomic Betty receives some surprise help from Maximus and Max Sr., who are eager to get out from under the family ringleader.

Full Summary

One day, Maximus, while having dinner with a duck dressed as a woman, is given a surprise visit by his father, whom informs his son that the "old man" wants to see them both, much to his fear. Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty is helping Chaz find the perfect gift for his grandmother's birthday, despite Penelope's constant teasing, however, Betty with Sparky are summoned to headquarters by Admiral DeGill, and learn that Max Sr. Sr., Maximus' grandfather and Max Sr.'s father, is retiring from crime, turning over leadership of his syndicate to his son and grandson, and planning to stay on Earth in the Moosejaw Heights Retirement Villa, which causes Betty to panic a bit.

After being given the latest inventions from X-5, Betty and Sparky "volunteer" at the retirement home Max Sr. Sr. plans to stay, which turns out to be the same retirement home that Chaz and Penelope's grandmother, Petunia (who develops a crush on Max Sr. Sr. during his stay) is staying, much to her annoyance. While attending one of Mrs. Lang's activities, Betty runs into what seems to be an elderly Sparky, whom constantly asks what happened to his pig snouts, then an elderly version of Chaz and Penelope, and a now young Petunia. Betty is then gassed unconscious by someone.

As she awakens, she finds herself tied up by the Max's, as the young and now rejuvinated Max Sr. Sr. explained his plan to use a device to steal youth from the citizens and sell the youth to people, indicating that what he spoke of earlier was all a ruse. Fortunately, Betty breaks loose and chases after Max Sr. Sr. (whom is more worried about his body being damaged, indicating he is a coward) while the elderly begin attacking the remaining Max's (before they tucker out for their naps).

Finally, after Betty gives chase to the cowardly Max Sr. Sr., Max Sr. and Maximus capture him and drag the rejuvinated cat away (while remarking on how much they were both constantly picked on by him) before promising Atomic Betty that they would leave Earth and make sure that Maximus' grandfather never returns, as well as restoring everyone to their proper ages. Finally, everything returns to normal (almost if you count Penelope and her grandmother not switched back yet) and the birthday party commences.


  • Final appearance of Max Sr. and only appearance of Max Sr. Sr.
  • Minimus does not appear in this episode, save for a brief mention when Maximus says "I'm not a minion! I have one!"
  • This is also the first appearance of Penelope's grandmother, Petunia.
  • Penelope's parents make a cameo within the episode.
  • A woman much like Betty's mother is seen at Petunia Lang's party (probably one of Petunia's hench women). It is considered she was a victim of the youthinator with her elderly age switched with either Chaz or Sparky's ages due to this.
  • The only victims whom were forced to have their youths removed were Sparky, Chaz, and Penelope and the ones whom had temporarily used their youths 'til the end of the episode are Max Sr. Sr., the woman at the party, and Petunia.



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