Bracelet Yourself
Season Two, Episode 201
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Air date Oct/7/2005
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"Bracelet Yourself" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


During gym class, Betty has to put away her Galactic Guardian bracelet in her locker. But, then, Penelope finds Betty's bracelet and claims it to be hers! Meanwhile in space, Maximus is having a birthday party and he receives a transmission from Duncan who stole the bracelet from Penelope, which leads him to set a course to destroy Earth!


  • PENELOPE: (clogged) Ah-ah-atchoo! As you can see, Coach Sorenson, I'd love to take swimming class, but my mother, doctor and lawyer feel that it would be better to sit this one out due to my (coughs) sickness, and all.


  • SPARKY: I finally did it! I've been working on this thing since I was small!
  • X-5: Technically, you are still undersize.


  • PENELOPE: Look at my bracelet, isn't it darling?
  • MEGAN: Hey, that looks like Betty's.
  • PENELOPE: It's mine! I've had it for years!
  • MEGAN: Oh, that's right, I remember now.


  • HOPPER: Get outta my way, you piece of galactic junk, I gots planets to rob!
  • SPARKY: Uh, yo, Hopper, this is really an inconvenient time. Do you think we could reschedule this fight for later?


  • SPARKY: I'll go in, dressed like a typical earth kid! No one will suspect a thing!
  • X-5: What if they suspect you are an alien?
  • SPARKY: X-5, it's school. Everyone's an alien.


  • DUNCAN: Hah! Who's the stupid cat in the pyjamas!?
  • MAXIMUS: WHAT!? What is this I've just heard!?
  • EVIL MINIMUS: He said "Who's the stupid cat in the pyjamas!" (points) Heh heh heh!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: That's not funny! We love your PJ's, o well-dressed one!


  • DUNCAN: Hey! I'm talkin' to you, stupid cat!
  • MAXIMUS: (blinks in disbelief) Who DARES insult me in front of my minions!?
  • GOOD MINIMUS: Oh, I'm homing in on the source right now, your horrible offended one.
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Shouldn't be hard with it transmitting all across the galaxy!
  • MAXIMUS: Huh?
  • TV PRESENTER: Stations across the galaxy are picking up this HILARIOUS signal!
  • DUNCAN: Hey, puss! Nice shoes! What're you supposed to be, a leprechaun? Hah!
  • MAXIMUS: Of all the--! (looks down) What's wrong with my shoes?


  • SPARKY: Hello, Earth friend! I am the new kid! I am just like you, only new!
  • X-5: (sighs)
  • SPARKY: Do you know perhaps where I might find Betty?
  • NOAH: You know Betty? Who did you say you were?
  • SPARKY: Just a new kid! Not an alien of any kind!
  • X-5: No! Don't say that! You're not an alien!
  • SPARKY: That's what I just said!


  • COACH SORENSON: I'm glad you're feeling better, Miss Lang, but swimsuits are required in the pool.
  • SPARKY: Heh heh heh!
  • PRINCIPAL PETERSON: Penalty box! Now!


  • DUNCAN: I'll bet you smell like old cat!
  • MAXIMUS: (sighs) When is this slugworm going to shut up?
  • DUNCAN: you probably have fleas and ticks, too!
  • MAXIMUS: Say what you want. It won't be long before you and your whole PLANET ARE QUIETED FOR GOOD! Mwahahahahahaha!


  • MAXIMUS: Run, Atomic Betty, run!


  • MAXIMUS: I guess it's time we bid adieu! I have to admit, though, you were quite a worthy adversary. For a girl.


  • DUNCAN: There was this light! And-and then a-a spaceship! And then this thing that shoots death rays!
  • PRINCIPAL PETERSON: Oh boy. And to think, it's only Monday!

Full Summary

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  • First two-part episode
  • Unfortunately, Admiral DeGill, aside being mentioned, did not appear in this episode.
  • Betty's voice is now medium-toned in Season 2.
  • Duncan stole Betty's bracelet, prior to what Pontifidora did in "The Really Big Game".



New Sound Effects

  • Hollywoodedge, Large Splash Or DiveW PE127201
    • When Penelope falls into the swimming pool.
    • When Maximus utters "When is this slugworm going to shut up?"

Deleted Scenes

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