Captain Sparky
Season Two, Episode 208a
Captain sparky
Air date Dec/09/2005
Written by Steve Schiner
Directed by Alex Savin and Jeffery Agala
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"Captain Sparky" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


After accidentally "rescuing" a baby, Sparky is declared a hero and is promoted to the rank of Captain--with his own ship, crew, and everything! Betty and X-5 try to be happy for their friend, but what happens when Nuclea attempts to drill all the energy out of the Bangoon sun and the two must work together? Meanwhile on Earth, Penelope is filming everyone's most embarrassing moments on videotape, threatening to play it for the whole school the next day.


  • SPARKY: I'm here to stop Nuclea, not to deal with Bangoon's "trivial problems"!
  • BETTY: Maybe Bangoon's supervillain is Nuclea?
  • SPARKY: Wait! I have an idea! Maybe Bangoon's supervillain is Nuclea!
  • BETTY: (sighs) Good one, Captain Sparky.

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  • The red alien's galactic guardian uniform is identical to Roxanne's galactic guardian uniform.



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