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Chef Bernadette

Chef Bernadette (Kristina Nicoll) is Maximus I.Q.'s personal chef. She first shows up in "Cosmic Cake", having baked a giant cake with green icing that will mind control the person that eats it to obey Maximus.

In "Poached Egg", she resigned as Maximus' personal chef when she refused to make an omelette out of the last existing Piraxian Rhino egg, despite Maximus' order. In the episode's conclusion, she went back to her old job as Maximus' personal chef after Maximus doubled her salary (even though Bernadette just wanted an apology), and as a result, he ended up nearly eating Minimus who gets prepped like a Thanksgiving turkey.

She also returned in "The Revenge Of Masticula" as one of Masticula's hostages.