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The Betty Clones in their normal form.

A Clone is a duplicate of a lifeform, created by DNA of the original. Clones were normally created by cloning machines, such as the Cloninator 500b, which was used by Admiral DeGill to create DeGilla, ("Night of the DeGilla Monster") and the Cloninator 550b, which was used by Maximus to create the Betty Clones. ("The Trouble with Triplets")

Maximus used DNA from Atomic Betty to create a trio of duplicates, (Clone Betty 1, Clone Betty 2, Clone Betty 3). He also used the DNA of three other people, Optica the Fire Witch, Destructa the Rock Princess and Roxanne the Rubber Woman, to give the clones superpowers, he also named the clones after those three women. ("The Trouble with Triplets")

Queen Penelobee was a hybrid clone of Penelope, created from a mix of alien bee and human DNA.

DeGilla was a clone of Admiral DeGill that he created to stand in for him until he could discover who was trying to assassinate him, however, DeGilla went rogue and teamed up with the assassin, who it turns out, was Pontifidora the Conquistadora (who he had fallen in love with upon first seeing her) to run the Galactic Guardians as their own private army. However, Pontifadora betrayed him and left him to die along with Betty and her crew, DeGilla helped them to escape and he took off, stating he would go to a place where he would be appreciated and start up his own army. Due to a malfunction in the cloning machine, DeGilla is much stronger than DeGill and can morph into a much more bigger and muscular version of himself and speaks in a deeper voice in this form. DeGill had originally named the clone DeGill-A, but the clone changed it to DeGilla. DeGilla also has pointed teeth as opposed to DeGill's normal ones. ("Night of the DeGilla Monster")

Robo-Betty is a robotic clone of Betty created by Sparky, who had assembled it from a mail-in kit. ("Robo-Betty")


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