Dr. Cerebral and the Stupifactor Ray
Season One, Episode 124b
Air date May/1/2005
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"Dr. Cerebral and the Stupifactor Ray" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty tries to stop the evil Dr. Cerebral from turning the smartest minds in the galaxy into babbling idiots in order to become the galaxies greatest genius. On Earth, Purrsy knocks over a box of detergent into a load of laundry, causing soap suds to fill the house.


  • SPARKY: I ain't afraid of no Stupifactor Ray! It wouldn't affect me one bit!
  • X-5: That's because you have to have a brain in order to be affected.
  • SPARKY: Are you saying I'm not smart!?
  • X-5: What gave you that idea?


  • DR. CEREBRAL: Greetings, Atomic Betty. I invite you to surrender to me now. Your brain is no match for my stupendous intellect!
  • BETTY: Oh yeah? If you're so smart, why is there gum stuck to your dome?
  • (Frantically checks.)
  • SPARKY: Good one, chief!


  • BETTY: Sparky! He'd been Stupified!
  • X-5: Are you sure? How can you tell?
  • BETTY: Not now, X-5! Sparky, say something!
  • SPARKY: Something! Ha ha ha!
  • X-5: He seems normal to me.


  • BETTY: I'll give you another chance to Stupify me.
  • DR. CEREBRAL: You! You cracked my dome! These are expensive, you know!


  • X-5: Captain, I've reconfigured the Stupifactor Ray gun to fire in reverse, effectively restoring people's lost brainpower. Observe. (fires)
  • SPARKY: Hey! Who took my lucky cheese?
  • X-5: Not much difference.

Full Summary

  • First appearance of Dr. Cerebral


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