Ferried Treasure
Season Two, Episode 206a
Air date Nov/25/2005
Written by Rob Davies and Adrian Raeside
Directed by Kent Reimer
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"Ferried Treasure" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty and the crew have an important mission--towing the incredibly large Querzanian Diamond across a dangerous galaxy in order to avoid galactic warfare--but Sparky has gone on a cruise for vacation. He soon finds out that the so-called "cruise-ship" is actually Greenbeard's pirate ship! Greenbeard claims to have "gone straight", but once Sparky tells him about the diamond, he is determined to have it. On Earth, Betty has found a model replica of her spaceship at a yard sale that she really enjoys, but can't afford the money to buy it.


  • GREENBEARD: Now, sit down and enjoy the cruise. Or I'll keelhaul ya! Er...keelhaulin' be a tradition on cruises, don'tcha know?


  • SPARKY: Here's an idea! Why not leave the diamond along and pretend you never saw it?


  • BETTY: I hate to be sneaky with pirates.
  • X-5: But it be tradition.

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