The flashtubes are part of a teleportation system that had been set up for the Galactic Headquarters Earth Base
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Flashtube Portal

The flashtubes can be entered by means of a blue portal that appears on the ground or in midair. Those who use the flashtubes to enter Galactic Headquarters enter a system of tunnels below the ground and slide into the base. During Season Three, Atomic Betty's crew would change into their uniforms mid-slide.

This system has been shown to occasionally malfunction. For example, in "Crimes of Fashion," the tubes had materialized a bear suit over Betty's uniform during her outfit change. In "Queen for a Day," the Bangoons clog the flashtubes' hardware with honey, causing random malfunctions to occur more often than usual.


Optica and Roxanne about to enter flashtubes.

They also are like slides.

Sparky claims to be the flashtube master.