Furball For The Sneeze
Season One, Episode 1a
Air date Aug/29/2004 (sneak peak)
Sep/5/2004 (premiere)
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Ridd Sorensen
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Attack of the Evil Baby
"Furball For the Sneeze" is a season one episode of Atomic Betty . It aired alongside "Attack of the Evil Baby" in the Teletoon order and "Maximus Displeasure" in the Cartoon Network order. It features Betty's cat Purrsy who stows away on her ship during one of Betty's missions and is subsequently discovered by Maximus.


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Betty returns home during a rain shower to find that her parents are away. A note from her mother reminds her not to let Purrsy out of the house, but Betty doubts he'd even want to with the rain out there. Betty then gets a call from Admiral DeGill, who informs her that Maximus I.Q. is having his annual meeting with the many criminals of the galaxy to lay out his evil plans. DeGill assigns Betty and her crew to spy on the meeting, neither noticing that Purrsy is spying on them. Consequently, when Betty teleports to her ship, Purrsy's beamed up by proxy.

While Sparky sets course for Maximus' citadel, Purrsy's presence on board triggers an allergic reaction from him, and his sneezing fits nearly send the ship into some dangerous collision courses with the sun and then the asteroid belt. Unaware that the cat is there, Sparky's teammates assume he's caught some disease and suggest he sit out the mission, but Sparky refuses. The team manage to infiltrate the citadel undercover as mercenaries with little trouble, but a few of Maximus' soldiers reprimand Sparky for attending with a cold.

After the team enter the citadel, a mesmerized Purrsy wanders in himself. The moment he sets foot inside, however, a robot spots him, identifies him as a vermin, and attacks. The chase between Purrsy and the robot eventually leads the cat into Maximus' private chambers. Despite Minimus' attempts to have the intruder put on the menu, Maximus quickly develops an affinity towards Purrsy and decides to take him to his meeting with him.

As the meeting starts, Maximus comments on the creature he found to his audience, and Betty is shocked when she recognizes him as Purrsy. Maximus then goes on to berate the many villains present for their inability to defeat the Galactic Guardians and goes on to lay out his plan to get rid of them for good. Meanwhile, Sparky takes it upon himself to sneak up to the evil overlord and take the cat back from him, but Minimus quickly sees through his disguise. Another power sneeze triggered by Purrsy sends Sparky backwards into his team's booth, exposing them as well.

A battle ensues between Betty and X-5 and Maximus' guards and guests while Sparky again tries to get Purrsy away from Maximus. In the end, Betty and X-5 are subdued, and Sparky's allergies make him susceptible to capture as well. In an act of arrogance, Maximus hands the papers outlining his plans to Betty, believing them unnecessary now. But just as he's about to have the heroes locked away, the same robot that chased Purrsy earlier crashes into the arena still trying to catch the cat. Purrsy, frightened into Sparky's arms, triggers a reaction that causes Sparky to swell up like a balloon, and the team attempts to use this as an escape method. And when Sparky spooks Purrsy, he punctures him, and the group fly out of the citadel as he deflates.

After the team escape on their ship, they take the plans Maximus handed Betty to Galactic Guardian Headquarters, where DeGill congratualates them on a job well done. Sparky, now aware of his allergy to Purrsy, wears a HAZMAT suit while taking Betty and the cat back to Earth. Back at home, Purrsy is still frightened from the adventure, something Betty tells him is his just desserts for leaving the house in the first place. When he runs into mom, the vaccuum cleaner she is using scares him into Betty's arms, because it looks just like the robot that chased him at the citadel. Mom takes this as a sign that Purrsy and Betty are starting to get along and tells them this means they'll get to spend more time together.


  • MAXIMUS: My, what a strange creature you are. Very soft. No need to be afraid. Come, little one. We have important things to do. Minimus!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: Oh, right away, your eminence.
  • EVIL MINIMUS: I wanna play with your new pet!


  • MAXIMUS: My, my, this was an unexpected surprise. I don't seem to recall sending the infamous Atomic Betty an invitation.
  • BETTY: Happened to be in the neighbourhood. Thought I'd stop by and see your plans!
  • MAXIMUS: How thoughtful!


  • MAXIMUS: My ducks! Boo hoo hoo!


  • First appearance of Betty, Sparky, X-5, Admiral DeGill, Purrsy, Maximus, Minimus, and Betty's mom.
  • This episode introduces Sparky's allergy to Earth cats.
  • The episode shows Atomic Betty's original logo in the intro.
  • This is the first episode where Betty kicks with both feet at the same time.



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