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The symbol of the Galactic Guardians.

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Other Galactic Guardians

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The original Galactic Guardians (From left to right, Spindly Tam, B-1, Beatrixo, Arkan, DeGill)

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Galactic Guardian Dress Uniform for special events

The Galactic Guardians is an intergalactic defense force, anti-terrorism agency, and law enforcement organization which protects the universe from villains, criminals, arsonists, drug lords, drug cartels, smugglers, and terrorists, which charges them with preserving peace, order, and justice in the galaxy. The Galactic Guardians come from a variety of worlds across the galaxy and represent a diverse range of species, each trained to protect the innocent from evil.

Dedicated to protecting sapient races against disaster, villainy, terrorism, warfare, illegal drug trade, and intergalactic anarchy, the Galactic Guardians are a force for justice with an illustrious history, whose members have acted as investigators, peacekeepers, law enforcers, mediators, defenders, counter-terrorists, and aid workers throughout the Universe.

The Guardians were originally formed to stop the Sharbenian villainess Golgotha and an evil demon from rampaging through the galaxy, the remaining planets summoned their fiercest warriors, who teamed together to defeat the demon. These warriors, in turn, banded together to form the first generation of Galactic Guardians.

There are currently thousands of Galactic Guardians throughout the galaxy, but they’re still spread quite thin, and multiple Guardians are only seen together in times of great crisis. Each Galactic Guardian can be quite independent and can be expected to handle matters largely on his or her or its own.

Agents and members

Former Guardians [Retired/Traitors]

  • Beatrixo
  • Jimmy
  • B-1 - is an older model robot formerly in service with the Galactic Guardians; in later episodes he is implied to be one of its founding members.
  • Koreena - She was a former student of Spindly Tam Kanushu at the same time that Betty was in training. However, Koreena was a snob who was lazy, idled her time away playing video games instead of focusing on her training, and cheated on all her tests by copying off Betty during a test. She refuses to acknowledge her behavior, insisting that Betty stole her position as a Galactic Guardian by charming her way into being Spindly Tam's favorite student.
  • Plutor - stated that when he got out of detention, he was going to join the Guardians so he and Betty could hang out, much to Betty's displeasure.
  • Boltar - An ex-Guardian, who was kicked out after being caught by DeGill while attempting to steal weapons for a fiendish plot to conquer the universe. He later returned and tried to frame DeGill for lying about a victory in battle.
  • Arkan - One of the founding members of the Galactic Guardians; participated in the battle Boltar mentioned.
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