Galactic Pirates of the Corralean
Season One, Episode 120a
Air date Apr/3/2005
Written by Adrian Raeside and Ridd Sorensen
Directed by Ridd Sorensen
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"Galactic Pirates of the Corralean" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty battles evil space buccaneers (led by notorious pirate Greenbeard) in a search for intergalactic treasure, while on Earth, Noah accompanies Betty on a visit to Betty's Uncle Charlie's farm.


  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: Greenbeard the pirate has stolen the map to the lost treasure of Corralea. The treasure is an ancient twelve-thousand-year-old doomsday weapon, placed in a treasure chest and hidden by its makers. You must get the map back before the treasure is found. And let me warn you. The chest must not be opened under ANY circumstances!
  • SPARKY: Why?
  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: (sighs) Because it's a doomsday device. It could be triggered accidentally.
  • SPARKY: Maybe it's one of those nice, friendly doomsday devices.
  • (Explosion.)
  • SPARKY: (gulps) It was just an idea!


  • SPARKY: That's it! That's the pirate ship we saw on the island!
  • X-5: You mean the pirate ship you didn't see on the island?


  • PLUG: Hey! I don't like the face on you!
  • SPARKY: Who, me? I'm just your typical alien pirate out for a walk! La-de-da-de-da-de-da!
  • SPROG: If Plug don't like you, then I don't like you neither!
  • SPARKY: Boo hoo hoo hoo!
  • BETTY: Now look what you did! You hurt his feelings!
  • SPROG: Sometimes you can be so mean!


  • SPARKY: Pirates are very cunning. The map be sure to be hidden somewhere secret!
  • BETTY: Oh, here it is.
  • SPARKY: On the table! Cunning......


  • GREENBEARD: Nothin' personal, you see. But it be a tradition!


  • BETTY: Greenbeard is heading to Bonga Bonga. That must be where the treasure's buried.
  • X-5: Isn't that the planet surrounded by floating space mines?
  • SPARKY: (gulps) How come we never go to the planet of fluffy clouds?


  • X-5: I strongly recommend you refrain from opening that chest.
  • PLUG: Aaaargh, don't listen to the talkin' spittoon! I don't like the face on him!


  • MAXIMUS: Mwahahahahahaha! Whoever is looking for the treasure, you're out of luck! I found my own copy of the map and got her first! I owe you one doomsday machine! Mwahahahahaha!
  • GREENBEARD: Why....of all the lowdown dirty tricks! Why he's behavin' just like I would!


  • GREENBEARD: Pass 'em overboard, lad! I hate to do it to you. But it be....
  • BETTY: It be tradition!


  • SPARKY: Chief, you don't think Maximus would be so stupid as to actually open the box?
  • X-5: It would appear, yes, he is that stupid.


  • MAXIMUS: Idiot! I told you not to open that chest!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: I was just taking a peek!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: I...I was curious! Oh, I'm sorry!
  • PARROT: (squawks) There he be, captain! That's the one who stole the treasure!
  • PLUG: Arrrrr, I don't like the look of that face!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: How about this one?
  • GREENBEARD: I don't want to keelhaul you! But it be tradition!

Full Summary

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  • The title is a play on the film Pirates of the Carribean.
  • Running gag: Greenbeard saying "but it be tradition".



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