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Golgotha is the ruler of the planet of Sharbena, and mother of Paloma and Pandora. Golgotha and her people, the Sharbenians have the ability to shapeshift into any living creature. However, Golgotha became power-hungry, and tried to convince her people that their powers were divine, and that their rightful place was as rulers of the universe. When her people rebelled against this idea, Golgotha became enraged and unleashed a demon who could not be duplicated onto on her own people, because it was not a creature of the living; the demon is, in fact, Paloma's father.

Without the ability to transform into the demon, the Sharbenians were helpless as Golgotha fell in love with the demon and terrorized her own people, until the couple was ultimately defeated by the best warriors from the other planets. These warriors, in turn, banded together to form the first generation of Galactic Guardians.

Since then, the demon had been sealed within a box under Spindly Tam Kanushu's care, and the key to unlocking the box was hidden in a ceramic duck that Maximus had recently acquired. For some time, Paloma's twin sister, Pandora, has tried to secure both of these items, and on one occasion Paloma was the cause of her defeat. Since then, Paloma had been placed in a witness protection program, and assumed a normal life on Earth; Juanita had incorrectly assumed that the presence of Betty would allow her to loosen her guard; however Betty had never learned of Paloma's secret.