Good Kitty
Season Two, Episode 21b
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Air date May/19/2006 (CA), Nov/16/2010 (US)
Written by Rob Davies
Directed by Kent Reimer
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Strange Case of Minimus-Hyde

"Good Kitty" is a season two episode of Atomic Betty.


Maximus mysteriously turns nice and Betty is sent to investigate, while, on Earth, Betty and her family are contemplating a move.

Full Summary

It's Maximus' birthday and all the villains attend with Minimus planning a surprise party, with a cake and a doomsday device he stole from the Galactic Guardians as a gift. However, when Maximus enters the darkened room, he accidentally hits the wrong switch instead of the light switch and gets hit on the head by the cake and doomsday device. As Maximus regains consciousness, the hit has affected his personality, making him nicer, as everyone, but Chameleon, leave due to fear of it being a trick. However, after experiencing Maximus's friendly and childish behaviour, Chameleon soon sees that Maximus really has become nice, and takes advantage of the situation, blackmailing Minimus into allowing him to take over Maximus' evil empire and become supreme overlord himself by threatening to broadcast a recorded video he made of Maximus' new nice actions to the universe.

Meanwhile, Betty learns, to her horror, that she's going to move away due to her father getting a promotion, Noah and Paloma also learn of the moving away. As the two try to stop Betty's father from moving, Betty partakes on a mission to find the missing doomsday device, believing it to be one last time with her comrades.

Back at the citadel, Chameleon gets a call from Max Sr., who is demanding a large payment from him, as he is now in charge, much to his fear. Quickly, he begins selling Maximus' items in a garage sale to pay off the debt, while Betty and her crew arrive, learning that Maximus suddenly became nice mysteriously. However, while investigating, the Chameleon, who had disguised himself as Maximus, tricks them and traps them, though they escape once again.

Just as things get hectic, Max Sr. arrives, demanding the payment. Chameleon offers him the Doomsday device (which of course does not please Max Sr.), but Minimus tells him it must have been sold, X-5 calculates it has warmed up enough to detonate. Every prepares for the explosion, when Maximus comes in and reveals that he saw the "If found, please return to Galactic Guardian Headquarters" sticker on it and about to teleport it back, though not before Betty quickly freezes it (with it starting to partially melt at HQ before DeGill, in panic, quickly gets the other Guardians to freeze it back in the vault). After that, the sale goes uninterrupted with the Chameleon being forced by Max Sr. (whom has the Chameleon by laser gunpoint behind the back) to work for him to pay him back.

Later, Betty arrives home, learning she's not moving after all, as her dad accepted the position, but in town, thanks to her friends thankfully. Back at the citadel, as Minimus fixes the switches, he presses the button (probably on purpose) and Maximus is hit again, regaining his memory. He chases Minimus around in fury, although Minimus seems delighted that Maximus is back.


  • This is the only time Max Sr. doesn't get arrested during his appearance.
  • This is also the only time Max Sr. appears without the Berillium Boys.
  • This is the second episode in which Maximus I.Q. is present but is not the villain, the other two being Once Bitten, Twice Slimed and Takes One to Know One.



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