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Iciclia (voiced by Kristina Nicoll) is a notorious galactic villain. Her trademark attacks are ice-based, using a scepter which fires a beam that freezes any target within its range. A queen of the ice planet Glacies, Iciclia is an icy, mean, cold-hearted, ugly old hag (1,000 years old, to be precise, which may mean she's immortal) and was once dependent on montegoberries to keep her youth and beauty (but not by eating them, as eating a montegoberry causes bad bouts of gas), but she seems to have eliminated this dependency somehow. She has a sidekick named Dingleberry, a large alien creature with a morning star for a left arm. She is at home only in climates as icy and cold as she is because if she were in a warm climate, she would melt.