Infantor Rules!
Season One, Episode 119b
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Air date Mar/27/2005
Written by Denise Fordham
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"Infantor Rules!" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


On Earth, Betty's parents compete against each other in bowling. In space, a much more dangerous game gets underway as Betty, Sparky, and X-5 are sucked into a hologame titled "Infantor Rules!". Inside the game, they must battle the game obstacles and Infantor himself. Good thing Sparky is an expert hologamer!


  • BETTY: Through the big door!
  • INFANTOR: You forgot to say please!


  • CAPTAIN CHUCK: Congratulations! You have found the hidden vault! If you have accumulated enough points, you can now trade them for your choice of weapons and escape mechanisms!
  • BETTY: It's a good thing he has deep pockets!


  • INFANTOR: Will someone turn off that musiiiiiic!

Full Summary

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  • Maximus makes a cameo in the title card sequence as a chess piece.



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