It Came from Hollywood
Season Three, Episode 312a (CA)
It Came From Hollywood
Air date Oct/18/2007 (CA), Nov/28/2010 (US)
Written by Steve Schnier
Directed by Kent Reimer
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"It Came from Hollywood" is a Season 3 episode of Atomic Betty


Betty discovers that everyone, including Chaz, Noah, Duncan, and the Osborne twins, are flocking to downtown Moose Jaw in an attempt to be cast as extras in a new Hollywood space flick, Star Chase X, starring starlet Delta Aurora as a space heroine. Sparky also auditions, and wins the part of Aurora's sidekick, while X-5 and Betty (with the help of her mom, to her disdain, as she did not want to audition) are put into crew roles (X-5 as a caterer and Betty as Aurora's gofer).

As the filming progresses, Sparky accidentally discharges a real Galactic Guardian weapon (believing it to be a prop), destroying Maximus' citadel; Maximus believes it to be the work of the movie's villain, Ultimo, who, in the film, declares himself to be the supreme evil overlord. Unaware of the fact that Ultimo is merely a character in a film, Maximus arrives on Earth, intent on destroying Ultimo; Betty is forced to lock Aurora in her trailer and the actor portraying Ultimo in a porta-potty before having X-5 rig a prop spaceship to fly into outer space, luring Maximus away from Earth. With Maximus gone, the filming continues.




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