License DeGill
Season Two, Episode 224b (CA)
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Air date Jun/9/2006 (CA), Nov/22/2010 (US)
Written by Garnet Syberg-Olsen
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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"License DeGill" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


Admiral DeGill is brought before the Galactic Guardian Council, and things aren't looking good for him. Can Betty clear his name before it's... too late? Meanwhile, Noah desperately tries to get Betty to go to a movie with him.

Full Summary

After refilling his pipe and relaxing in his office Admiral DeGill is abruptly brought before the Galactic Guardian Council, accused by former Galactic Guardian Boltar as revenge for foiling his plan to steal secret weapons in a fiendish plot to conquer the universe. He is stripped of his rank pending trial by the Galactic Council, and told if found guilty he will be shipped to the Prison Planet Gamma 10. We then shift to Earth where Noah is hiding outside Betty's House, hiding around the corner. He peeks around the corner to check the coast is clear, then nervously walks up to the front door and takes out a valentine's card. He holds it tightly, kisses it, gulps deeply then drops it on the front stoop and knocks on the door before running off. Betty opens the door, picks up the card opens it and reads "Dear Betty, enclosed is a movie ticket to the opening of the Cosmic Marauders. I'll be sitting in the seat next to you. Signed your Secret Admirer. Betty takes it inside then excitedly talks to her mother about who it could be, but is then distracted by her watch and receives a message. She is surprised to find she is talking to Vice-Admiral Boltar who orders her to travel to the Guardian Weapons stockpile on eperdimis 12 and bring all the weapons to him.




  • The episodes' name is a pun of "licensed to kill".
  • Similarly, the episode title is a play on Timothy Dalton's final adventure during his role in the classic James Bond movie in 1989. It also was found before Pierce Brosnan's next version of Bond himself for his own role in his first ever classic film, GoldenEye.
  • Everyone always seems to get his name wrong replacing the first letter with another one eg.  coltar xoltar moltar
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