Like Father, Like Scum
Season One, Episode 23a
Air date Apr/24/2005
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Ridd Sorensen
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"Like Father, Like Scum" is a season one episode of Atomic Betty.


Maximus springs his father, a petty thief, out of jail. Max Sr. quickly reunites his old gang and Betty must stop the evil Maximuses from pulling the biggest heist of all, stealing the Golden Yolk. On Earth, Betty's mom fills in at one of Betty's Ranger Girl meetings, and takes the girls out to earn their shopping badge.


  • MAXIMUS: I can't take it anymore! He treats me like an infant! His ridiculous schemes are an insult to me!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: You're being a wuss, the two of you should throw some blows!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: I you should...confront your father with his issues?
  • MAXIMUS: Do you have any idea what it was like GROWING UP WITH HIM!? The teasing! The ridicule! WHO'S the Supreme Overlord around here!? Me! I deserve a little respect!! I'll show him! I will steal the one thing Father could never get!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: don't mean....
  • MAXIMUS: Yes! The Golden Yolk! Mwahahahahahaha!


  • BETTY: Maximus Junior and Senior! Cease drilling! I place you both under arrest!
  • MAX SR: Back in my day, we didn't have pneumatic straws! We used shovels! Made of driftwood! And twine!
  • (Maximus blinks.)
  • MAXIMUS: Heh heh.....parents.
  • BETTY: Tell me about it.


  • MAX SR: Get her!
  • MAXIMUS: Not a problem! I'll just zap her with my latest death ray!
  • MAX SR: So long, suckers!
  • EVIL MINIMUS: I guess they don't like death rays, heh heh heh!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: He doesn't deserve you! Not like me!


  • BETTY: We have to stop that anti-matter, or it will eat everything in sight!
  • X-5: Fortunately, we have an anti-anti-matter solution in our arsenal.


Inside the prison cell, Max Sr. (in the shadows) plays a harmonica before a device carves his cell out of the wall (with two of his old gang members driving it) and drags it away to Maximus' citadel. There, he is freed (as well as out of the shadows), though when he meets with his son again, he insults Maximus and demands to know where his stash and loot were before turning away. Later, he gathers his old crew, the Berillium Boys, and plots to steal the museum artifacts while Maximus is treated like a slave.

Meanwhile, Betty and her scout troop are taken to the mall after discovering she with Penelope are tied with the most badges (the results being 22 badges), due to her mom substituting for leader. Then, as the others tour the shops in the mall, Betty is called away to action. There, DeGill informs the crew about Max Sr. and his crew planning a heist. At the museum, they battle the crew, though it turns one sided as most of the Berillium Boys nearly injure themselves while Max Sr. was in the hover truck. However, before they're arrested, Maximus comes to the rescue and grabs both the thieves and the jewels they had taken.

Betty later returns to the mall and finds out her mom and Penelope are bonding, much to her chagrin. Meanwhile, Maximus talks about how his father treated him when growing up before telling Minimus that he'd steal what his father couldn't to prove he's worthy: the Golden Yolk. As the heist of the dreaded Golden Yolk is commencing, Max Sr., still unimpressed with his son's efforts and after seeing Betty for the first time, talks about how things were done back in the days, much to even her and Maximus' annoyance.

Before Maximus could show off how to take down Betty, Max Sr. with his gang already took off, leaving the duo behind (with Minimus prompting about how Max Sr. doesn't deserve Maximus like Minimus does). The ships containing Max Sr. and his gang chase after the guardians while the other gangsters collide and crash their ships to each other. Fortunately, some of the yolk is let loose, devouring the ship and leaving Max Sr. (with his Berillium Boys) to drift in space while Maximus (after calling his father an idiot for destroying the drain for the yolk) with Minimus escape. After sealing the yolk, the Galactic Guardians take their prisoners before Betty returns to Earth.

Back home, just as Penelope was rewarded a badge, Betty comes up with an idea and gets a recycling badge from her proud mom, which ensured that both Betty and Penelope are both tied once again, much to Penelope's anger and jealousy. Back at the prison, Max Sr. gets a post card from his son, but it only turns out to say that he is unable to break him out, due to him getting a "haircut", much to his frustration as he tosses it to a pile which showed more similar post cards.


  • First appearance of Max Sr. and the Berillium Boys.
  • It is revealed that Maximus I.Q. had a bad childhood, due to being bullied by Max Sr.
  • The title is based on the phrase "Like father, like son."
  • Miss Dourly is mentioned but doesn't appear because she has the flu.



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