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Lobsterella is a supervillain. The Guardians had developed an amulet that was actually a power source that can increase a persons physical strength by multiplying the bodies energy fields. Unfortunately, it had caused some side effects and mutations, (when the Bangoons put it on, it turned them into bananas, when DeGill had it on, it turned his legs into tentacles), as well as bringing out the heroic qualities in good people, and the villain qualities in bad people. Noah had gone to Headquarters to get some tips on getting buff from DeGill, but no one was there as they had gone to the surfing competition at the beach.

Noah discovered the amulet, and not knowing of its abilities, put it on and became more muscular, he arrived at the beach and used his new abilities to improve his surfing, until he collided with a buoy. The amulet fell off him and onto Penelope, the mutation side effect turned Penelope into a super villain named Lobsterella, she quickly turned Megan and Sarah into her henchmen.

She and Betty fought, and Betty managed to trick her into a giant sized lobster trap, and slip the amulet off, returning Penelope to normal, with no memories of what happened.