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M'Lord Orus (Ron Pardo) is a smelly being who tried to pollute other planets by sending garbage. In "Planet Stinxx", M'Lord Orus polluted Edenia which turned the Edenians into his mutant henchmen. In its sequel "A Fungus Amongus", he escaped his rocket prison from "Planet Stinxx" (instead of polluting a planet, it endlessly orbited the galaxy) with a help from a metal-eating fungi that had grown in his ship that he named Shermie the Germie, and was plotting revenge on the Galactic Guardians for arresting him, later in the episode, he and Shermie the Germie were both defeated by Sparky's homemade slugworm soup, which proved to be the thing that can dissolve the fungi.


He is green and he has very small yellow eyes and red pupils, has crooked teeth and blue gums.


  • His name is a play on the word "malodorous".
  • Being a filthy garbage monster, his one weakness is soap.
  • He slightly resembles Star Wars' Jabba The Hutt.