Mad Maximus
Season Two, Episode 211a (CA)
Mad max
Air date Mar/10/2006 (CA), Nov/01/2010 (US)
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Adrian Raeside
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"Mad Maximus" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


Spindly Tam asks Betty to protect the Beluvian Box, which houses a powerful demon. A "Mad Max" style race unfolds as Maximus, Dr. Cerebral, and Pontifadora all pursue the box. On Earth, Betty, Paloma and Noah explore a gorge.

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  • The true box holding the Demon appears in Takes One to Know One, and is revealed to have been holding Paloma's demon father. Likewise, the hologram of the demon looks and sounds exactly like the real demon from said episode.
  • Paloma walks on air in this episode, making it another clue that Paloma is more than who she appears to be.



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