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Martian Makeover
Season One, Episode 112b
Air date Nov/21/2004
Written by Rob Davies
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"Martian Makeover" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


On Earth, Duncan has a crush on Penelope and Noah agrees to "coach" Duncan in how to woo her if Duncan agrees to stop bullying him. In space, Betty has her own match-making problems as she must preside over an arranged marriage between warring tribes on the planet Namimbulah.


  • DUNCAN: Why should I believe you? Whadda you know about girls?
  • NOAH: A lot! I've studied them. Have you ever noticed how girls always go to the bathroom together?


  • BETTY: Penelope is shallow. She'd probably go for a guy who looks hot. Dress him up. Make him look less like a Galactic Gog Beast, and know....
  • (Bracelet beeps.)
  • NOAH: More what?
  • BETTY: Human. I gotta go.


  • NOAH: It's pink.....and girls love pink.....whadda you say?
  • DUNCAN: I say you have two seconds to get me out of pink, before you're black and blue!


  • FLAVIA: You were very brave.
  • X-5: I can't help it. I'm programmed that way.


  • BETTY: What if I refuse?
  • SNOTALUS: Then you shall be destroyed.
  • X-5: And if you say yes, Princess Fadopyah will have you destroyed.

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