Season One, Episode 123a
Air date Apr/17/2005
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"Max-Land" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Maximus opens a self themed amusement park named Max-Land. He plans on using the rides and games in the park to brainwash the alien children attending, turning them into consumer zombies who will buy anything Maximus sells them. Meanwhile, on Earth, Betty and her mom visit Granny's home in the country, where a mysterious bracelet found in the attic may be a clue to Granny's secret identity.


  • MAXIMUS: Only here at Max-Land can you destroy your own planet!
  • MINIMUS: Ooh! Pillage a star system!
  • MAXIMUS: Wreak untold havoc with no consequence! And, best of all!
  • SPARKY: Can we go!? Can we go!? I mean....I wanna investigate. But if I have to go on some rides to do my job, that's the price I'll pay!


  • X-5: I've suddenly lost my attraction for this attraction.


  • MAXIMUS: Hey, kid! This is a ride for you!
  • SPARKY: Is it fast?
  • MAXIMUS: So fast, your face'll feel like it's getting yanked off your skull!
  • SPARKY: Wicked!


  • BETTY: Sparky! I'll save you!
  • ROBOT: You are being disruptive and we must ask you to leave. We hope you have enjoyed your stay at Max-Land.


  • X-5: I've been remodelled. And it's not even my colour.


  • MAXIMUS: Fiddle-de-dum, fiddle-de-dee, I've hypnotized them all, you see!
  • MINIMUS: Fiddle-de-dum, fiddle-de-day, you give them junk and still they pay!


  • EVIL MINIMUS: What about Atomic Betty?
  • MAXIMUS: I wouldn't worry about her. I'm sure my destructioneers have taken care of that little problem!
  • GOOD MINIMUS: You mean.....those.....destructioneers?
  • EVIL MINIMUS: Ugh! You can't get good help!!


  • ROBOT: You are being disruptive and we must ask you to leave. We hope you have enjoyed your stay at Max-Land.
  • MAXIMUS: Wait! What are you doing!? This is MY park!


  • BETTY: Another mission accomplished! Max-Land is no more!
  • SPARKY: Craters! I'm gonna miss it!

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  • This is the first actual speaking appearance of Beatrixo.



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