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Name Megan
Age 11
Gender Female
Race Human
Home world Earth

Megan (Stephanie Morgenstern) is one of the two of Penelope's “minions”, and the shortest of the trio. She's a chubby little girl with short puffy dirty blond hair and hazel green eyes. Her outfit consists of a long sleeved light blue sweater with white cotton folded back sleeve cuffs and a white folded down V-shaped collar. Also on the front of her sweater in the middle is a big bold letter "M" for her name with a thin white outline around it. Lasts a knee-length dark blue linen skirt, a pair of white cotton knee-high length socks, and a pair of dark suede black Mary Jane shoes.

She is usually seen hanging around her “leader” Penelope; along with her cohort Sarah, or just one of them or on her own, sometimes even featured as a background character. Although she and Sarah are friends with such a vain and mean rude snob like Penelope; snickering at all of her wicked jokes and sarcastic comments towards Betty and her pals, plus at any embarrassing misfortunes of theirs and even assisting her in any cruel plots against a Betty and her the others, they don’t seem to be nearly as bratty and as nasty as she is.

She has even shown signs of being on Betty’s side; backing her up against Penelope or even laughing at Penelope when Betty manages to revenge on her and make her look bad. Plus she as even been complimentary towards Betty, and supportive as well; Like for instance, admiring Betty’s new funky hair do for school picture day; and even happily shouting out “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to Betty when she attended her surprise party.

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