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Missy Miss (voiced by Tajja Isen) is Betty Barrett's favorite recording artist. Among the songs she performed is "That's What I Do". Betty has trouble waking up without hearing one of her songs. She once attempted to get tickets for one of her concerts, but being delayed by her mother's use of the phone cause the tickets to be sold out before she could obtain them. While Betty was called on assignment and eventually trapped in Maximus' dream invader, her father managed to obtain tickets for her through his business contacts. The Missy Miss song "That's What I Do" proved to be instrumental in freeing her from the Dream-Invader. ("A Dream Come True")

Behind the scenes

While not seen in the episode "A Dream Come True", she was heard on Betty's clock radio and X-5's built in mp3 player. The song "That's What I Do" was performed by 13-year-old Tajja Isen for the soundtrack album. This would make Isen's voice the voice of Missy Miss as she was credited with performing the song within the episode's continuity.


  • A poster (or mural) of Missy Miss is shown on the wall in the episode "And the Winner is...", as Sparky notices the poster itself.