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Mr. Parker

Mr. Parker (Dwayne Hill) is Noah's father who is a brilliant scientist and inventor, but is seen as a crackpot by most people, as he is convinced of the existence of aliens and is obsessed with proving it to the world. He almost got close a few times, but failed, sometimes due to help from Betty and her crew. He usually brings news people with him when he is going to expose aliens to the world. He is also quite suspicious of Betty because whenever something odd happens in Moose Jaw Heights she usually seems to be involved. He's unaware that Noah has joined the Galactic Guardians.

In the episode, "The Future is Now!" his future self is a slave, but gloats about him being right about aliens.

There is a rumor that if he finds out that Noah joined the Galactic Guardians and Noah didn't tell him about it, he'll think the aliens might have brainwash him.



  • He is similar to Mr. Crocker from The Fairly OddParents because he believes in something that is real but other people don't believe in and is seen as a crackpot because of it.
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