Name Noah Parker
Nickname Nerd (by Duncan Paine)

Loser (by Penelope Lang)

Age 12
Gender Male
Race Human
Home world Earth
Relatives Mr. Parker (father)
Mrs. Parker (mother)
Noah Parker (voiced by Laurie Elliot) is Betty's best friend. He's an honor-roll student who enjoys studying mathematics and writing, which makes him a target for Duncan and Penelope's bullying. Unlike Betty, he's not very athletic, and the only sport he seems to be any good at is baseball. However he is shown to be a skilled skateboarder as seen in various episodes. He also has a strong crush on Betty, though she seems mostly oblivious to it, and he is generally jealous of whatever boy she's with. At first, he supported his father in his attempts to expose aliens, but later found it weird. At first, Paloma and him had their differences because Betty paid more attention to Paloma than him and he was deeply jealous of Paloma. He is also jealous of Dylan because of Betty's crush on him and his mutual feelings for her.


While on Earth, Noah wears a white cotton tank top, a blue jacket, green khaki shorts and red sneakers.



"Betty, I tried getting Penelope to change your mind about you performing, but I'm sorry. She said, "no way"."
Toxic Talent
"I was being sarcastic. Duncan won."
Winter Carnival
"I tried to be getting it back, Betty, but you won't give it up! It's still locked."
Power of the Pharaoh
"I'm tired of being the waterboy. It's like I don't even exist."
The Incredible Shrinking Betty
"The basketball jocks get all the respect. (sigh) I wish I could play like them."
The Incredible Shrinking Betty
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