Oy, Robot
Season Two, Episode 203b
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Air date Nov/04/2005
Written by Steve Schiner
Directed by Ridd Sorensen
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"Oy, Robot" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


Dr. Cerebral has obtained a new robot, Mechizmo, that can convert organic lifeforms into robots that he can control, believing that they are superior and cleaner. Betty has to stop him before he turns the entire galaxy into robots. Meanwhile, on Earth, Purrsy causes trouble at the Ranger Girls charity dog wash.


  • SPARKY: I think we got in without Brain Boy spotting us.
  • DR CEREBRAL: Oh no. Brain Boy is well aware of your dirty, organic presence in my world.
  • SPARKY: Hey! I took a bath last week!


  • DR CEREBRAL: Soon the entire universe will share my vision that robots are better! X-5, Sparky, come! Join the winning team!
  • X-5: That would be impossible. You are evil. I am programmed to stop you.
  • DR CEREBRAL: Oh, don't be so negative, you can be reprogrammed!


  • SPARKY: Very nice, but can you do this? Not bad, huh?
  • X-5: I did that when I was a prototype.

Full Summary

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  • The way that Sparky gets turned into a robot is something similar to what happens in Sonic the Hedgehog when a Mobian gets roboticised, except here, it's only temporary to be a robot.



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