Planet Stinxx
Season One, Episode 123b
Air date Apr/24/2005
Written by Michel Coulon
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"Planet Stinxx" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty must travel to the paradise planet of Edenia and stop the evil Mylord Orus, who has destroyed it with pollution and renamed it Planet Stinxx, and is now setting his sights on destroying the whole galaxy in a similar fashion by sending a giant, garbage filled missile across the galaxy. On Earth, Noah writes a love letter to Betty and works to keep the contents of the letter a secret.


  • SPARKY: I think my mamoolah's rock cake has too many rocks.


  • X-5: Oh dear. I suggest we warn Admiral DeGill. This is a crisis situation.
  • SPARKY: You're right! My shoes are ruined!


  • SPARKY: There! Finally got my shoes clean! All thanks to Sudsy! Don't stay mudsy! Clean with Sudsy!
  • X-5: Why must you pretend to do those commercials?


  • SPARKY: I never thought I'd ever say this, but.....I think I've lost my appetite!


  • ORUS: Get me out of here! How am I supposed to make a mess here!? It's already a mess! IT'S NOT FAIR!!


  • BETTY: The Edenians are back to normal!
  • X-5: No more garbage, no more mutants. And you know who we have to thank? The capta--
  • SPARKY: Sudsy! That's who! Thanks to Sudsy! No more mudsy!

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  • The song briefly heard during Noah being chased, then later at the end of the episode up to the credits is called "Alien Ball (Do the Betty!)".



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