Pop Goes the Maxx
Season Two, Episode 205a
Air date Nov/18/2005
Written by Jono Howard
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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"Pop Goes the Maxx" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


Maximus has released a new line of soda, going by the name of "Fizzy Maxx", into the galaxy, which transforms normal citizens into mutants who become hopelessly addicted to it and will do anything for more soda. Meanwhile on Earth, Paloma is pretending to be a medium and ends up successfully predicting all of Noah and Betty's future events.


  • PALOMA: Yes! Yes! I knew you were coming.
  • BETTY: You called us over.
  • PALOMA: That's not the point.


  • X-5: I will now locate the manufacturing planet through chemical analysis.
  • SPARKY: Or, we could just check the label!


  • MINIMUS: But, master, I don't get it. You're invading the planet Pur with an army of soda-loving mutants!? Why not use your Blood Monks?
  • MAXIMUS: Fool! Never, EVER question an evil genius!

Full Summary

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  • This episode contained the first hint that Paloma had alien origins, because she knew about Tachyon time machines and how you can't get them "on this planet".



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