The Pre-Teen Queen of Outer Space
Season Two, Episode 202b
Air date Oct/14/2005
Written by Steve Schiner
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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"The Pre-Teen Queen of Outer Space" is a season two episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty is having trouble ice skating. And to make matters worse, Penelope is making fun of her efforts. Meanwhile in outer space, the robot bees of Droneopolis are searching for the most evil female in the galaxy to be their queen. They abduct Penelope and make her queen of the space bees.


  • BEE: Fear not! We have scoured the galaxy and at last we have found the most despicable female in all the cosmos! All hail our new queen! Penelope Lang, of the planet Earth!


  • X-5: Buzz, buzz, buzz-a-buzz.
  • SPARKY: You speak bee?
  • X-5: It's always good to know a second language.
  • BETTY: What did you tell them?
  • X-5: I said we went that-a-way.


  • SPARKY: Sticky, but tasty. What do you think it is? Honey?
  • X-5: My analysis indicates it is an amalgam of sugars and proteins. And don't call me "honey".
  • SPARKY: Huh?


  • PENELOPE: I'm your queen. I want diamonds, hear me, and pizza! With no honey!
  • BETTY: She's a queen alright. A royal pain.


  • PENELOPE: Figures. Even in my dreams, you hang out with losers!


  • BETTY: Come on, Penelope. It's time to go home!
  • PENELOPE: No! Get your own dream! This one's mine!


  • X-5: I think I hear angry buzzing.
  • SPARKY: What are they saying?
  • X-5: You don't want to know.


  • X-5: It's my instant sleep ray. I always travel with it.
  • SPARKY: Why don't you just talk to her? That always nods me out!

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