Season Two, Episode 207b
Air date Dec/02/2005
Written by Nicole Demerse
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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By Virtuoso of Insanity
Captain Sparky

"SWITCH-MO-tized" is a Season 2 episode of Atomic Betty.


While volunteering at a magic show, a robot magician named Switchmo switches Sparky and Minimus's bodies - now Sparky is stuck in Minimus's body, and Minimus in Sparky's! In exchange for switching them back, Switchmo demands that Maximus surrender his vast riches and the Galactic Guardians turn over their entire weapons arsenal. After a failed attempt to stop Switchmo, Betty and Maximus are forced to team up in order to stop this mad magician from declaring himself the Supreme Overlord of the Galaxy. Meanwhile on Earth, Penelope wants Betty's locker, so she tries to sabotage it in order to make Principal Peterson think that she isn't maintaining school property well.


  • MINIMUS: (Sparky's body) Ow! Ow! It's me, most frustrated master! Ow! It's me, Minimus! Your loyal slave! Owwwww!


  • MAXIMUS: I'm going to give up all my riches to change you back? Ha ha! I think I'll destroy him instead.
  • MINIMUS: (Sparky's body) Oh, but if you destroy him......I'll be trapped in this awful body! Waaaaaah! (clicks neck) Ow!'s not easy being green.


  • MAXIMUS: Snap out of it! You're Blood Monks, not poultry!
  • MINIMUS: (Sparky's body) On the bright side, we can have omelettes for lunch! (clicks neck) Ow! Oh, I hate this body!
  • SPARKY: (Minimus's body) You be careful with that body! I've got a date on Thursday.


  • MINIMUS: (Sparky's body) Give me back my beautiful body!
  • SPARKY: (Minimus's body) Beautiful!? Hah! Your fleas have fleas!


  • SWITCHMO: Attention, galaxy! I have defeated Atomic Betty and the great Maximus I.Q.. Neither was a match for the awesome powers of Switchmotism! Now, I demand the respect I so richly deserve! No more rotten gigs on Celebra! No more kids' birthday parties! I have proven who is the greatest!


  • BETTY: We have heard your demands and we agree. (shoves Maximus)
  • MAXIMUS: (tonelessly) We are no match for the most powerful Switchmo. (hacks a cough) Ahem. Hairball.


  • MAXIMUS: (Betty's body) Mwahahahahaha!
  • BETTY: (Maximus's body) Oh no! Where's my bracelet, X-5?
  • X-5: Oh, this is not good.
  • BETTY: Hi-ya! (kicks) Quick, X-5, switch us back to the right bodies!
  • SPARKY: (Minimus's body) I'm confused. Who's who?
  • BETTY: It's me, Betty!
  • MAXIMUS: Give the glasses to ME, you ridiculous tin can, I'm the real Betty!
  • BETTY: Don't listen to him, X-5!
  • MAXIMUS: Blood Monks! Attack! What are you looking at!? It's me! Maximus! Attack!
  • (Switchmotizes)
  • MAXIMUS: (Sparky's body) Mwahahahahahaha!
  • SPARKY: (Switchmo's body) Chief, I'm over here! Maximus is in my body! Hey! That body is property of the Galactic Guardians!


  • MAXIMUS: (MInimus's body) Mwahahahahaha! (head swivels) Wait. Why am I laughing?


  • SWITCHMO: Let me just congratulate you, oh wicked Maximus. You really are the superior villain.
  • MAXIMUS: (Minimus's body) Let this be a lesson to you all! The great Maximus I.Q. ALWAYS wins!


  • MAXIMUS: (Minimus's body) Minimus! Have you found another pair of Switchmotism Glasses?
  • MINIMUS (Maximus's body) Not yet, o great impatient one. I have a bid on a pair on an outernet auction site, though. Even though I look like you, master, I'll....always be your little Minimus.
  • MAXIMUS: Shut up and clean my litter box.
  • MINIMUS: (clicks neck) Ouch! Oh......right away, master.

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The Insignias that we're mention during the episode. Maximus' Insignia (Left) Galactic Guardians Insignia (Right)


  • The title is a play on the word hypnotized.



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