Schmoz is an evil genie who lived in a shoe for a thousand years after a magician placed a spell on him. In "Reeking Havoc" (Schmoz' only appearance so far) his shoe was found by Sparky, who was given 3 wishes, for the 1st wish, Sparky wished for something to blow away the stink from Schmoz's shoe, the wish was granted in the form of a huge fan that nearly blew the ship into the sun, the 2nd wish was for a huge worm burger, however, the worms nearly ate the ship, for his final wish, Sparky wished for Schmoz to be free, letting Schmoz do what he wanted, unfortunately, what he wanted was to take revenge on those who made him do their bidding, starting with Admiral DeGill, who it turns out, made a wish years ago to become muscular. However, Betty managed to trick him into imprisoning himself inside the shoe once again.