Shake Your Booga
Season Three, Episode 310a (CA)
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Air date Oct/16/2007 (CA), Unaired (US)
Written by Christin Simms
Directed by Kenneth Chu
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Circus Sparkimus (CA)
Cosmic Comicon (CA)

"Shake Your Booga" is a Season 3 episode of Atomic Betty.


Shaka Booga shows up at Regeena's birthday party and transforms all of Betty's friends into cave kids, including Sparky and Atomic Roger.

Full Summary

While Betty and X-5 are waiting for Sparky to finish using the bathroom after ingesting too many montegoberries, Sparky finds a set of bongo drums at a yard sale, which he buys as a birthday gift for Regeena.

As Sparky plays the drums, it awakens Shaka Booga, who discovers that her drums are missing. Finding Atomic Roger nearby, she forces him to take her to Earth and Regeena's party. This does not go unnoticed by Admiral DeGill, who takes a furious Betty (about to dance with Chaz) and Sparky to discover why Atomic Roger has been taken hostage and why she is heading for Earth; Shaka Booga arrives at the party in her absence, and turns all the partygoers into cave-kids (Duncan, however, is surprisingly unaffected), ordering them to steal shiny objects using the power of the bongos.

Later, Admiral DeGill orders Betty back to the party; Betty is overjoyed at the news (believing the case was being reassigned), but to her horror discovers the truth after returning to the party. Betty and X-5 manage to fight off her cave-kid friends, capture the bongos, and get Shaka Booga to return her friends back to normal, in exchange for the bongos.


  • This is the final appearance of Shaka Booga.
  • For some reason, this along with Cosmic Comicon never aired in the US.
  • Shaka Booga is able to talk in this episode.



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