Slime of the Century
Season One, Episode 113b
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Air date Dec/5/2004
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"Slime of the Century" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Maximus has a new love interest: Sparky's mom, Zulia! When Zulia finds out the truth about Maximus, she turns on him, showing just where Sparky got his fighting skills! Meanwhile on Earth, Noah is forced to wait for perpetually late Betty again, this time at the movies.


  • SPARKY: Expensive bad guy cologne.....I'd know that stench anywhere!


  • ZULIA: This is amazing, Maxy! What a view! However did you find such a place!?
  • MAXIMUS: I am well-travelled.
  • ZULIA: Oh look! Another one! To be honest, I had my doubts when I joined that intergalactic dating service, but you have been absolutely wonderful.
  • MAXIMUS: I, too, was hesitant. But when my worthless assistant found your radiant beauty amidst the common fodder, I couldn't help myself. I was smitten.
  • ZULIA: Oh, stop it.


  • MINIMUS: Boss! Betty at twelve o'clock!
  • ZULIA: Betty?
  • MAXIMUS: Er, yes. Ion Storm Betty. Isn't it cute how they give these galactic storms girlish names?


  • ZULIA: Wow! That was--that was exciting! Where to next?
  • MAXIMUS: What would you like to do, my little doomsday button?
  • ZULIA: Well, I am kind of hungry.
  • MAXIMUS: I know the perfect place to have a picnic! You're going to love it!


  • MAXIMUS: Look!
  • ZULIA: Oh, Maxy, that's so sweet!
  • MAXIMUS: Think nothing of it, my little death ray, 'tis a small insignificant gesture!


  • ZULIA: Do you hear something?
  • MAXIMUS: Ah, yes. Perhaps it is....our song.


  • MAXIMUS: You fools! Look what you've done! This is a rental!


  • MAXIMUS: Come, my darling! Away from these pestering gnats! Let's find someplace private to conclude our rudely interrupted.......amor.....


  • ZULIA: Sparky, what a surprise! Ooh, you must meet my date, Maxy, you're gonna love him!
  • SPARKY: Your.....your DATE!?
  • BETTY: What are the odds!?
  • X-5: One trillion, two billion and forty-three to one. It's a long shot.

Full Summary

Sparky and X-5 land on Neutropia at Sparky's house, and Sparky brags to X-5 about his mamoolah's fantastic cooking. When they enter the house, Zulia is nowhere to be found, and Sparky jumps to the conclusion that something is wrong. He goes into reconnaissance, although X-5 insists he is overreacting. Sparky gets to the window and is horrified to see Zulia getting into a spaceship with Maximus I.Q., appearing that she is being kidnapped by him.

Meanwhile, in Moose Jaw Heights, a grumpy Noah is waiting on a bench for Betty, holding a rather soggy ice cream cone. As Betty arrives late, he is cross and sarcastically asks what her reason was this time: forgot her homework, had to return a book to the library, or perhaps she was abducted by aliens. Betty tells Noah she will make it up to him and that they can go to see a movie at the cinema together. He agrees, but then Betty's bracelet beeps and Betty hurriedly says that she has to run home and get her allowance.

X-5 tells Betty via her bracelet that Sparky is hysterical, while Sparky is bawling next to him. Sparky weeps that Maximus has kidnapped his mamoolah. Admiral DeGill contacts them and tells them that Maximus I.Q. is destroying the moons of Rashabond 7, and Sparky tells DeGill that Maximus kidnapped his mamoolah, too, although X-5 insists that that has not been confirmed yet.

Meanwhile, Zulia is sitting with Maximus I.Q. in his spaceship, and Maximus is eradicating planets for her enjoyment. Zulia remarks about the view and compliments Maximus on finding such a place. As Minimus blows up another planet, Zulia admits that she was sceptical about joining an intergalactic dating service, but she has very much enjoyed Maximus's company. Maximus admits that he, too, was hesitant, but when he saw Zulia, he was smitten with her, revealing that Maximus has not kidnapped Zulia, but they are, in fact, on a date

On Betty's starcruiser, Sparky points to Maximus's spaceship and says that was the ship his mamoolah was taken in, and X-5 says it doesn't make sense what Maximus would want with Zulia, for they do not know that Maximus and Zulia were on a date. Maximus's ship makes a getaway, and they chase it all around the planets, while Maximus tries to comfort Zulia and apologises about the bumpy ride. As Zulia comments that he should talk to his driver, she and Maximus embrace and Maximus attempts to kiss her. Minimus steers the spaceship down into a geyser of a planet, with Betty's starcruiser still in hot pursuit of them. As Maximus's spaceship gets to a dead end, Betty tells Sparky to hit them with the status ray, but Sparky is unable to do it because his mamoolah is in there. Then a water geyser blows, shooting Maximus's ship into space again.

Meanwhile on Earth, Noah is waiting for Betty at the cinema. The Osbourne brothers come by and tease Noah about always going to the cinema by himself, and he says no, that he is waiting for Betty. They say that since he is waiting for "no-show Betty" they will catch him later--after the movie is over.

In space, Zulia and Maximus are having a picnic on an asteroid, and Maximus notes that Zulia has quite the appetite. Maximus points out a moon, on which is carved a heart with his and Zulia's faces in. He summons his Blood Monks to play romantic music while he and Zulia continue their amour. Meanwhile, Minimus is carving another heart onto a moon with a lazer, and Betty's ship catches him. They battle with lazers, while Maximus and Zulia toast to their love. They almost kiss, but Minimus's lazer accidentally cuts right through the asteroid, separating Maximus and Zulia. Sparky spots her on the asteroid, still believing her to have been kidnapped. Minimus zaps Betty's starcruiser with his lazer, and it falls onto the asteroid, crushing Maximus's spaceship, causing him to blow his temper because the spaceship was a rental.

As Minimus brings the asteroid back together, Maximus charms Zulia and tells her they will find someplace else to conclude their love. As Betty, Sparky and X-5 exit their ship, feeling dizzy, Zulia notices Sparky and excitedly insists that he meet her date, Maximus. Sparky is gobsmacked at the fact his mother and Maximus are on a date. Maximus is surprised that Zulia knows Sparky, and when she tells him that Sparky is her son, Maximus wonders how he didn't spot the resemblance and feels less attracted to Zulia. Unable to resist his evil urge, he apologises to Zulia that their love was not meant to happen, before attempting to obliterate her, revealing to Zulia that Maximus is a supervillain. Just as he is about to destroy her, she wacks him with her handbag, cursing him. Minimus summons the Blood Monks, but Zulia beats them with her knitting needles, and as Maximus and Minimus attempt to escape, she throws her rolling pin at them, knocking them off their lazer shooter, however their ship catches them and Zulia shouts that Maximus never call her again.

Sparky cheers that Zulia beat Maximus and she agrees to not have any dates for a while. Then Betty remembers her date with Noah, and that he is going to be really cross. She grabs a candy cocktail from Maximus and Zulia's picnic, then zooms back to Earth on Maximus's lazer-shooter. Zulia comments that it would be a shame if all the food went to waste, and she and Sparky gorge themselves, while X-5 comments it must run in the family.

On Earth a fed up Noah is still waiting for Betty at the cinema. Betty runs up and says she knows she is late, but she had a good reason but Noah says he doesn't want to hear any more of her stupid stories. Betty says she wanted to get him something special for the movie, and gives him the candy cocktail from Maximus and Zulia's picnic, which cheers him up. She says she will come with him to the movies now, and they make up.

Meanwhile, at Maximus's citadel, it's Minimus's turn in the dating sevice. Out of three girls, Maximus cruelly chooses a hideous, tentacled bachelorette as Minimus's date, as he screams in terror as she slobbers all over him.


  • If Maximus and Zulia had married, Maximus would have become Sparky's step-dad and The Betty Clones his step-sisters.
  • The plot proves that the episode "When Worlds Collide" was appropriately named because ever since then, Noah has known Betty has a secret and that her reasons for showing up late are not what she says they are.




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