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Slirps is a strange little creature who lives on a planet in a dangerous location called the Ocean of Cosmic Dust. Slirps has a unique and potentially dangerous psychological connection to the environment and ecosystem around him, in which the weather and states of things are determined solely by his mood. When he is happy, the planet transforms instantly into a beautiful paradise with lush vegetation and scores of Netomic Crystals, when he is sad, it becomes a rocky, barren desert, and quick-sand like terrain, while his anger causes volcanoes erupting, fireball storms or large thorn-covered vines that move. He is very very child-like and lonely, and wants friends more than anything, becoming very clingy with them.


  • He may be immortal, as when asked by Betty if he has other friends, he points to some skeletons and says they were friends that don't play with him any more.
  • He is very trusting of new people unless they hurt him or his friends.