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The Following Episodes That will Set Up for the New Sound:

  • "Toxic Talent"
    • During the ending, when Minimus hides before Maximus throws an object.
  • "Attack of the Evil Baby"
    • When Sparky zips out by Termi-Nanny while she punches & misses it.
    • While Sparky says "YIKES!" When He zips out by Termi-Nanny when she punched & missed again.
  • "The Trouble with Triplets"
    • When the Table was thrown.
  • "Jingle Brawls"
    • When the wall breaks while Commander McSlim (also known as the Chameleon) falls down.
  • "Practically Joking"
    • During the opening, Mulock pulls the rope when the tiny 2 jesters falls to the hole.
  • "The Collector"
    • When the tree flips out the collector & the robot.
  • "Brat Pack Attack"
    • When the Brat Pack got hit to the wall. (reversed)
  • "Girl Power"
    • When Sparky gets caught by the girls.
  • "Who's the Baby Now?"
    • During the opening, when Noah & Sparky falls down. (reversed)
  • "Mini Maximus"
    • When Minimus gets the cannon shooted & went to the Starcruiser.
  • "Cosmic Comicon"
    • When Betty jumps up to the window.
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