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Tanya Barrett, Betty's mother.

Tanya Barrett (Kristina Nicoll) is the mother of Betty Barrett and spouse to Quincy Barrett. She is a homemaker who is largely oblivious to Betty's adventures, as she spends most of her life fussing over her cat, Purrsy. With a pouffe blonde ponytail and tacky animal-print clothes, Betty's mother dresses like a stereotypical hairdresser, but her actual skills at hairstyling are best left unseen. She usually gets Betty to do things that Betty doesn't like. She tries to discourages Betty's interest in space comics and movies and sports because she thinks Betty is too old and she'll never get a boyfriend, but her attempts failed. She tries to make Betty be more like her which Betty would never want. She is Beatrixo and Jimmy's daughter.

She, like her husband, is not aware of her daughter's secret of being a Galactic Guardian, the reasons being that Betty wants to protect her parents from the knowledge and that they might never understand if they found out.

She has a lack of understanding about her parents, thinking them to be weird since she knows very little about them. Beatrixo and Jimmy are both Galactic Guardians, which Betty's mother isn't aware of it. She and her parents have their differences due to the fact they have different interests, which she doesn't agree with.


"Oh, pish-posh!"
―Multiple episodes
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