Wrybot and the Collector

The Collector is an alien thief in safari gear who attempts to steal historic or rare treasures, all while filming his exploits as though he were starring in a documentary. Though constantly trying to look heroic for the camera, he has his sarcastic robotic assistant, Wrybot, do most of the dirty work. For his part, Wrybot is dissatisfied with his position with The Collector (being that the only reason he is with The Collector was because The Collector beat him in a game of Piraxian tic-tac-toe). Wrybot tries to fight as little as possible ("Sigh! Must we fight everywhere we go") and criticizes his boss' adventures. By the end of "The Collector", he asked Betty and her crew to lock him up in a different wing than The Collector when he and The Collector were arrested by Betty and her crew ("Put me up in a separate wing, AWAY from him (The Collector)"). In "Great Eggspectations", Wrybot is even more dissatisfied with The Collector, complete with bickering, where he had not done so in "The Collector", and is proven that he isn't truly evil and that he only acts evil for The Collector's approval (when The Collector took all the credit for Noah's work, Wrybot gave Noah all the credit for it).

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