The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia
Season One, Episode 109b
Air date Oct/31/2004
Written by Jackie May
Directed by Jeffery Agala
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"The Ghost Ship of Aberdeffia" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


The Ranger Girls scout troop, including Betty, is sitting around a campfire one night, telling ghost stories. Betty narrates a "made up" story of Atomic "Betsy" and her crew investigating a deserted spaceship where they experience strange disturbances and noises, including the haunting cries of "Aberdeffia". Betty saves the day, with the help of Sparky in a dress!


  • MISS DOURLY: Thrilling! Chills! I actually had chills! Penelope certainly has an eye for the grotesque!
  • BETTY: And a face to match.


  • BETTY: There once was this Galactic Guardian named Atomic.......Betsy.


  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: Atomic Betty! Er, I mean Betsy.


  • BETTY: If it weren't for Sparky's natural calmness, they never would've landed safely.


  • X-5: Over here.
  • BETTY: It's the ghost captain. And look who's with him! Aberdeffia!
  • SPARKY: Who does she remind me of?
  • X-5: She bears a striking resemblance
  • SPARKY: I thought she was a hottie!


  • SPARKY: You know, I almost feel sorry for the guy. He's really gonna miss me!

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  • Despite this a story within a story through Betty's galactic adventure (as Atomic Betsy), this is the first appearance of the Bangoons.
  • Betty and X-5 had the same lines as used in the episode, "Atomic Roger".




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