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The Great Race
Season One, Episode 112a
Air date Nov/21/2004
Written by Jackie May
Directed by Ridd Sorensen
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"The Great Race" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty has a date after school with Dylan, the new boy in her class, but first she must stop Maximus, who has created a new explosive device known as the Shredder, which upon detonation, with destroy the time/space continuum. Now Betty is in a race to defuse the Shredder, save the galaxy and return to Earth in time for her date!


  • DYLAN: Hi. We haven't met, but I hear you're really good at science. You wanna grab some pizza after school or something?
  • BETTY: Sure!
  • PENELOPE: Wait a minute. You're asking her out? BUT I'M STANDING RIGHT HERE!!!!


  • BETTY: To the Wormhole of Nexius, and step on it! I've got a date!
  • SPARKY: Ooh, a date! What's he like? Where'd you meet him?
  • BETTY: Did you miss the part about stepping on it?
  • SPARKY: Oh right.


  • PENELOPE: Ahem! Dylan, maybe you didn't know this, but I like sci-aunce too. It's one of my best subjects.
  • DYLAN: Really? D'you have a favourite star?
  • PENELOPE: Oh, Jennifer Lopez! Ooh, I love her, what about you?
  • DYLAN: Uh, I like the stars in the Lobster Nebula.
  • PENELOPE: Oh! I like those stars too!


  • SPARKY: Gone? They can't be gone! Now who's gonna be a hero and stop that bomb from exploding? Hmmmm.....Now where did I put that bomb-defusing manual again?


  • MINIMUS: Oh, don't worry, boss, we'll get saved! Artilian space monsters fly through here...uh...well...almost every....millenium....or so.
  • MAXIMUS: All I wanted to do was destroy a solar system! IS THAT SO BAD!? Boo hoo hoo hoo hoo!


  • DYLAN: What about the pizza?
  • BETTY: She's wearing it.

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  • First appearance of Dylan