The No-L 9
Season Two, Episode 15
Air date Dec/23/2005
Written by Mike Kubat
Directed by Ridd Sorensen
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"The No-L 9" is the season two Christmas special of Atomic Betty. Atomic Betty leaves a hectic Christmas on Earth to rescue a constellation of planets known as the No-L 9 from being shrunk down to tree ornament size by the evil Maximus I.Q..


Right after Atomic Betty tells us the legend of the No-L 9, Santa Claus is stopped in his annual trip across the galaxy by Infantor. Infantor stalls the reindeer with feed on the pretext of acting on the belief they are hungry from the journey. However, he's really only distracting Santa to steal his sack of toys. But after Santa flies away, Infantor discovers the jolly old man was ready for him, and the bag was really a decoy containing Atomic Betty and her crew. Despite a Termi-Nanny's attempts to mince the Galactic Guardians, the three manage to clog the mincer and send Infantor's ship spiraling out of control. With the baby villain's threat neutralized, the three return to their home planets for Christmas.

Back home, Betty finds herself thrust into the madness of last-minute Christmas shopping. While her mom goes crazy with shopping, Betty leaves the mall with her grandma for some peace and quiet. But outside is just as crazy as Principal Peterson declares a house decorating contest and everyone scrambles to make their houses the brightest. Beatrixo watches the madness as she laments back to the old fashioned Christmases she had with her husband, Jimmy.

Meanwhile, in the deep reaches of space, Minimus finishes decorating Maximus' ship for Christmas, though the setup is mediocre at best. But the holiday has Maximus himself in a less than jolly mood, as he never gets what he wants--universal domination--and his decorations are so poor. Declaring he wants a proper decorations, he orders Minimus to activate the Global Deactivator.

On Earth, Betty and Beatrixo have decided to retreat to the latter's farm for their desired peace and quiet. While Beatrixo prepares Christmas cake, Betty points out a lava lamp on top of the barn, which Beatrixo tells her is for Jimmy to see. She puts it up every Christmas Eve night. Betty asks her grandma about a song she's humming as she cuts a piece of cake for her. It's a song Jimmy was writing, as he'd been studying the musicality of space rocks while Beatrixo was a Galactic Guardian. Beatrixo went on to explain how he'd accompanied her on a mission to save a planet in the Lobster Nebula from fire saucers sent by Max Sr. when he was younger when a stray saucer catapulted Jimmy off the meteor he was resting on into deep space. Beatrixo wasn't able to save both the planet and Jimmy, but she's never given up hope that some day Jimmy will return. That's why she puts the lava lamp up every year.

As Betty and her grandmother talk of the past, Maximus begins to execute his latest evil plan. Using his Global Deactivator, he starts shrinking planets to place on his Christmas tree. On Neutropia, Sparky helps his mom decorate the house. Zulia points out Earth, noting how bright it is, due to all the Christmas lights.

Betty's mom and dad, in fact, have finished plugging in all their lights, believing no house could be brighter. But the Langs one-up them, making theirs so bright that planes try landing in their yard. When they call Beatrixo to tell her they're not quite ready, Betty is more than happy to stay with her; duty calls, however. As Admiral DeGill briefs Betty on the Global Deactivator and then stops to greet the senior Guardian, Beatrixo humorously notes DeGill's activity with the Rockettes.


  • First appearance of Betty's grandpa, Jimmy.
  • Maximus and Minimus as babies (or tiny tots) during the flashback sequence.



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