The Revenge of Masticula
Season One, Episode 120b
Air date Apr/3/2005
Written by Francoise Charpait and Karine Lollichon
Directed by Virginie Jallot
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"The Revenge of Masticula" is a Season 1 episode of Atomic Betty.


Betty and her crew must battle the notorious villain Masticula, who is made of a practically indestructible rubbery material and change shape into anything. On Earth, Betty accompanies her bratty cousin Kyle to a Disneyland-like theme park.


  • BETTY: Sparky, do you ever think of anything other than your four stomachs?
  • SPARKY: Yes. Sometimes I think about what I want to put in them!


  • BETTY: Admiral, what about you?
  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: Not to worry. What are the odds that Masticula could penetrate full Galactic Guardian security?
  • MASTICULA: Admiral DeGill! I find you guilty!
  • X-5: I'd say they were fairly high.


  • SPINDLY TAM KANUSHU: Oh, not to worry. The secret of overpowering your enemy is---
  • SPARKY: What!? What's the secret!? He never finishes a sentence!


  • SPARKY: I'm so upset I can barely eat!
  • X-5: Define "barely".


  • SPINDLY TAM KANUSHU: The secret to finding escape from attack is......
  • ADMIRAL DEGILL: What!? What's the secret!? Oh, why doesn't he ever finish a sentence!?

Full Summary

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  • Disney's famous Haunted Mansion attraction appears in the sub-plot.
  • Running gag: Spindly Tam Kanushu not finishing his sentences.



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