The Scribe


Milton Scrivener, his former self

The Scribe, real name Milton Scrivener, was a writer who got tired of publishers rejecting his works; Sparky was the only admirer of his works. According to X-5, his works are sub-standard, and therefore only interest species of low-level intelligence. After being tired of constant rejection, Scrivener finds a book with a magical quill pen, which allows him to capture any idea and store it within the book's pages. The book also acts as his personal transport, allowing him to fly, and also allows him to make real anything stored within its pages. With it, Scrivener plots to capture every writer in the galaxy and take their ideas as their own.

In the episode "The Scribe", after a series of brazen kidnappings, Admiral DeGill volunteers himself as bait during a book signing of his memoirs; however, due to Sparky being distracted from reading the book, DeGill is captured. The Scribe is ultimately apprehended when Betty and her crew foil an attempt by The Scribe to destroy his own book (which would also destroy all its contents); Sparky had distracted The Scribe by asking for an autograph for his book. The Scribe appears next in "Scribe 2: The Re-Scribing", when Sparky visits Scrivener in prison with a pile of books that Sparky takes from an evidence locker; Scrivener discovers that among the books is the mystical book. Having discovered that Scrivener is no longer Sparky's favourite author, Scrivener takes the role of The Scribe in order to exact revenge on Sparky's new favorite author, Lola Polaris (which, in turn, is the pen name of Sparky's mother Zulia). Though having lost the magical quill pen in an encounter with Betty and X-5, The Scribe manages to kidnap Zulia and hold her hostage in an isolated cabin on Glaces. Zulia is ultimately freed by Sparky (desperate to save his mother) and Iciclia (who is a fan of Lola Polaris), and The Scribe is ultimately imprisoned in his own book.

The Scribe made reappearance in "Fairytale Fate", when he attempts to imprison Betty, Noah, Sparky, and X-5 in his work of mixed-up fairy tales, where every story sees a character modeled after Betty meeting her doom. After capturing The Scribe's magical pencil, Noah manages to rewrite the endings to each story so as to allow their escape, as well as forcing The Scribe back into the real world; he is quickly then apprehended.

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